Floral Tributes

Full coffin spray - red roses
Hearts and cushions
specialist items
sprays and sheaves

Depending upon your beliefs, preferences and traditional customs, funeral flowers may, or may not form an integral part of your funeral service. Although it is becoming more commonplace for charitable donations to be requested ‘in lieu of funeral flowers’, this does not normally extend to the immediate family and close friends.

Flowers provide a meaningful tribute, bringing a warmth and visible expression of love, which many families see as an important part of the funeral ceremony. Although certain flowers do have different meanings, it is more important that you choose colours and flowers that have special meaning to you and convey what you want to say, maybe reflecting the personality of the person who has died.

Where do I start?

  • Do you have a particular colour scheme you’d like?
  • Do you want it to include seasonal flowers?
  • Do you have a particular design or theme in mind?
  • Do you want to restrict flowers to the immediate family with donations to a special charity?
  • Where will the flowers be taken after the funeral service?
  • Have you considered a ‘tree tribute’ or shrub as a lasting memorial, especially if it flowers around a specific anniversary or birthday?

Whatever your preference or funeral arrangements, floral tributes add beauty to any type of service and your funeral arranger at RW Mann & Son will help guide you through choosing an appropriate display for you.

Please ask if you would like to arrange a package of floral displays which combines remembering a series of special future dates like anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas after the funeral.

A floral arrangement received at the home of the family after the funeral can be a more thoughtful act of remembrance, recognising the family’s continuing grief after the immediate event of the funeral. In fact research shows that bereaved families appreciate and value these small acts of kindness more highly in the weeks and months after the funeral.