Greener Goodbyes

Greener Goodbyes is a package that makes having a greener funeral a lot easier. It enables you to make simple choices among a clear set of options and have the greener funeral you want. It includes:

Step 1: Choose an Eco-Coffin

Having a greener funeral starts with your choice of coffin. You need to be sure that, whatever coffin you choose, the environmental impact is lower than more traditional options.

Greener Goodbyes now offers an expanded choice of eco-coffins, all made to strong environmental standards, from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified traditional pine to picture-laminated Ecologique board; and natural wool-covered cardboard to hand-woven willow.

Step 2: Choose a Natural Memorial

A good way to establish a natural, living memorial is by tree planting. Greener Goodbyes offers three options that support managed woodland in the UK or helps preserve forests in the wider world.

Option 1 – A lasting natural tribute
Option 2 – Supporting and conserving woodland in the UK and Ireland
Option 3 – Sponsoring and protecting rainforest overseas

Please contact us for further details.

Step 3: Leaving a Community Legacy

Our community legacy project allows the conversion of a typical funeral’s carbon emissions into a suitable and effective legacy.

Greener Goodbyes Community Legacy fund is managed by Groundwork, the environmental regeneration charity who work locally, regionally and nationally to tackle climate change.

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